Farm stay Australia – A step back in time (with a modern twist)

Farm stay Australia is a relatively new concept for an old pastime.  Australia has a rich farming history yet you don’t need to jump into a time machine when you go to experience life on the farm. (more…)

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Farmstay Melbourne, Victoria – serenity in the city?

The idea of enjoying a farmstay in Melbourne, Victoria may seem a bit foreign.  In big cities like Melbourne, the idea of a farmstay of any magnitude is difficult.  This is because large tracts of land in the city are generally too valuable for farming.  (more…)

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Ballarat farmstay – 4 keys to an unforgettable country break

Ballarat farmstay
In and around Ballarat is a little-known secret.  If you’re looking for a break with a difference, a Ballarat farmstay can provide something unique.  The concept of farmstay involves staying on a farm and brings many possibilities for a rich and relaxed experience.  One you should be able to look back on fondly for years to come. (more…)

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Farm stays in Vic – 4 ways to maximise your country Victoria experience

Farm stays in Vic (AKA ‘Victoria’) provide a nice addition to the range of tourist activities on offer in Australia’s second most populous state.  Country Victoria has a lot to offer and if you can organise your accommodation in one of the various farm stays in Vic, all the better.  This article looks at 4 ways to maximise your experience. (more…)

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Farm accommodation – 3 traps to avoid

With society increasingly living in the city and away from the land, the idea of farm accommodation or ‘farmstay’ is growing in popularity.  However, before you pull on your straw hat and checked shirt, there’s a few things you should know before heading off. (more…)

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Self-catered farm stay – 4 ingredients to ensure a recipe for a great break

A self-catered farm stay provides a great combination of staying on a farm (‘farm stay’) and doing your own cooking.  For many people this coupling is the perfect recipe (pardon the pun) for a relaxed, fulfilling break.  Let’s look at how you can maximise the experience. (more…)

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Family farm stay in Victoria – 3 keys to a great experience

Family farm stay in Victoria

Family farm stay in Victoria is a very different story now to what it was in years gone by.  Previously, having a family holiday at a farm stay was no big deal.  Both my parents lived on farms at various times, and had regular access to them. (more…)

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Farmstay in Victoria on a working farm – 4 ways to ensure your experience matches your expectations

If you’re interested in experiencing something very different to living in the city, staying at a farmstay in Victoria on a working farm might just do the trick.  This article examines 4 points to help your experience match your expectations. (more…)

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My first memories of Galwiji Homestead

Galwiji Homestead in 1950 compressed

Galwiji Homestead has been in my family for generations – my grandfather and his brother bought the property almost 100 years ago.  I’ve never had a time in my life where we didn’t have ‘the farm’ and I thought I’d reflect on my earliest memories about it. (more…)

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Farm holidays in Victoria with kids – 4 ways to enjoy a family break without sending yourself mad

If you’re looking to holiday in Victoria with kids then staying on a farm provides an interesting option.  The notion of farmstay in Victoria provides potentially a completely different experience for kids from what they might otherwise expect from a holiday. (more…)

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Farm stay survival: 5 steps to lighting the perfect fire

When you experience your first farm stay, there are potentially a few elements that are going to be different to your normal life (which is part of the enjoyment).  One farm stay skill you might need to develop is learning how to light or maintain a fire. (more…)

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Family Farmstay in Victoria – Back to the Future?

Family Farmstay Victoria

In years gone by, the notion of staying on a farm, either permanently or for a holiday, was no big deal.  Both my parents lived on farms at some point in their lives, and had regular access to them. Fast forward to 2014 and time have changed – a lot. (more…)

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The 2 worst places I’ve ever stayed – Part 1

Farmstay Victoria

Continuing on my theme of ‘the 2 worst …’, I’ve been reflecting on the two worst places I’ve ever stayed.  I’ve been fortunate to travel quite extensively over a number of years. (more…)

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Interview with Ann Pryor

Ann Pryor
The next in our interview series is with my mum (Ann Pryor).  Hope you enjoy.  Angus (more…)

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Interview with Bill Pryor

Bill Pryor
For the interest of our guests, I thought it would be fun to interview a few different people associated with Galwiji Homestead. In this first interview, we talk to Galwiji Homestead patriarch, Bill Pryor (AKA my dad).  I hope you enjoy.  Angus (more…)

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Reading and farm stay holidays – my favourite ever books

farm stay

One of the things for me about a farm stay holiday is relaxation.  If I’m looking for higher energy/activity, I’ll head to the city.  But particularly as the cooler months arrive, sitting in front of a fire with a book at a peaceful farm stay location is one of my favourite things to do.  If you’ve never done it, this is something you really should try. (more…)

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If you could work from anywhere

work from anywhere

One of the most common statements from guests leaving a farmstay Victoria property (such as Galwiji Homestead) is “I wish I could stay longer”.  This got me thinking, why not just live/work permanently in a place like that?

So, if you could work from anywhere, where would it be? (more…)

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If we had one big secret we could share with you, it would be this

farm stay victoria

As fledging proprietors of a farm stay property in Victoria, it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a lot over the past year (and a bit) we’ve been in operation.

To put this into perspective, we recently decided to try to chronicle our procedures so that we could theoretically hand the business over to someone else and it would all just work.  This is a bit like the McDonalds model apparently.

Anyway, the operations manual we created runs to 26 pages!  Yes, we have learnt a lot.  So what’s the secret we’ve learned? (more…)

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Farmstay and animals – Four Animal Myths You Probably Believe

flock of sheep
When I think of farmstay, I typically think of open spaces and animals.  For the agoraphobics out there, open space is unfortunately, enough to make them running for cover (agoraphobia is the fear of open spaces).  On the other hand, it is not unusual for people to have phobias or believe myths about animals.
It’s time for Galwiji Homestead’s animal mythbusters! (more…)

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Farmstay Victoria – two centuries to plan a holiday?

Farmstay Victoria

Once upon a time, the notion of spending time in the country (AKA farmstay) didn’t really exist.  Society was largely agricultural and few people lived in the city.  Fast forward to 2014, and the tide has drastically changed.

Many city slickers nowadays have practically NOTHING to do with the country which makes farmstay a more attractive holiday opportunity than ever.   But it wasn’t always this way. (more…)

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